Day 12

My mum and sister are watching Master Chef right now and I FREAKING LOVE GORDON RAMSAY. He does come across as inane sometimes, but he’s amazing at what he does so it’s okay. Most of the time, super cool people like him are a little bit off.

For example, Casey Niestat. He is most of the time what you would call “destructive”; but holy mother of god his vlogs are masterpieces. Every. Single. One.  Check him out on YouTube.

Today’s dose of random life stuff:

  1. Being comfortable with yourself is so important. I cannot stress on this enough. Everyone learns things in different ways and I realised the importance of being alone in high school. There was this point of time where I had no legitimate friends and no one to hang out with in my class and it was ABSOLUTE HELL. In the school I went to, every grade had around 200 to 400 kids. We had all the twelve grades. It was huge. Lunch breaks used to be the highlight of the day when everyone got to run back to their old friends and go to the canteen and run around the building and stalk and gossip and what not. If you were in class during lunch break, you were considered lame. Shit, looking back to this I realize how much of a freak I was. Everyone else too. So anyway, I remember the first few days when I didn’t have anyone to talk to, I just used to sit in class and eat lunch. Keep in mind that I was around 14 or 15 and so obviously what everyone else thought about me mattered the most. Let’s just say those were not great times ahaha. Fast forward, I found some amazing friends and life did get better. But now, I am kind of glad I went through that phase. It taught me a lot about myself and being okay with who I was and the kind of situation I was in. I am writing all of this because everyone needs to know how important it is to go through stuff. Whatever kind of “stuff”.


  1. The smallest things matter the most.


  1. It is so much easier to talk to strangers. You can be whoever you want them to think you are.



I absolutely love water colours. The only problem is using them to make a complete painting. It’s not like I haven’t tried painting, I have. Fact is that it is not really my kind of thing; but I do it anyway lol.


Oh Oh Oh

I got How To Be A Bawse today. Didn’t order it online; but found it at a bookstore. I know right. Bookstores still exist. Like real, big stores that are not in a mall or behind a URL. It was a refreshing experience. They even had a discount thing going on.

So apparently, according to Hindu Mythology or something, becoming a human being is a big deal. Depending on the things you have done and not done in your previous life, you get allotted a life form. So you can be a fly, a fish, a bird, land animal or any other living thing. Humans are the highest form of life and you (or your soul) has to do something really good to achieve human form. This is not it. Once you have become human, you have TO START ALL OVER AGAIN FROM THE LOWEST LIFE FORM. WTF. I don’t even know if this is true. According to the book Many Lives Many Masters, we live hundreds and thousands of human lives.

I think I should not think about shit like this and focus on more important stuff in life like which flavour of nachos to eat. Cheesy Herb is so good but then along with the cheese dip, it gets way too cheesy. So it’s Jalapeno or Sea Salt. What the actual heck is a sea salt nacho flavour anyway, yuck.


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