Day 3,4,5,6



I dont really remember what day it is right now( i’ll just count it later and put it in the title.) but it is definitely not day 3. Okay. A list of things that happened in the last couple of days:

the party i was talking about? ohmygosh that was great. The place was amazing and the food was amazing and my outfit was amazing and the people were amazing.Well. Kind of.The Escape Hunt place was PHENOMENAL.If you live in Bangalore, or if you find another place like it, please go. It is a wannabe detective’s (me me me me) dream come true. So basically, there are 3 themes. You can choose one and then they brief you about the basic stuff like the mystery or the murder that has happened and then they lock you up in a room.You are supposed to find out clues all by yourself, find the culprit and escape. Its just not one room, you move on from one room to another and keep searching for clues. This place is really fun if you go in a large group. Around 10- 15 people is good.

My mum put me into Zumba classes. What even.Today was the first class and it was kind of awkward at first because i didn’t know anybody there even though we all live in the same apartment. I have an extremely valid reason for that. NO ONE THERE FIT INTO MY AGE GROUP. There were only aunties and kids.Too old and too young.See, thats the thing about being a  teenager. You just don’t know where you belong.

I started painting again. Now i have an A3 sheet with an astronaut floating over an unpainted earth. I don’t even know why i am doing all this because at least according to me, my life is not even remotely interesting. it might be in a what-the-heck-are-you-doing-stop-fucking-over-your-life way. but. meh.

okay so i just started watching 13 reasons why. I reached episode 7 so far. I just want to hear Clay’s tape ugh the suspense is killing me its the worst thing ever.10/10 would recommend.

okay so here is a random list of books that you should consider reading:

The Kite Runner by Khaled Houssini. This book is for the older readers because trust me, there is some some stuff in there that might scar you for life. I am not going to tell you what it is about, you can just google it but what i can tell you is that this book was one HECK of a roller coaster.Even though it was mostly dark, i felt complete after reading it.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. A lot of people have read this book and it is one of those kinds of books that leave you thinking about literally everything for a long time.READ IT.

I guess that is it about that list. As you can see, i am very good at making legitimate lists.

okay so.
hopefully see you tomorrow.



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