Day 2

Time: 10:35 pm

So tomorrow I am going to a friend’s birthday party and i am so excitedddd. It’s in some fancy restaurant thing and I don’t really know where. Today I went to the mall to get her gift. Alone. It was so cool loll. Okay yes I know that did sound lame but this was the first time I went shopping all by myself. Normally, I’m always with a friend, or with my parents.

So my mum is taking part in a cake decoration competition and she has been working on her cake for a week now. Its looks pretty cool. The theme is glamour, so obviously I was literally breathing in edible glitter for the past two days.

After my exams have gotten over I have noticed the following changes in my daily life:

  1. I don’t have to uninstall Instagram every 3 hours or something to stop myself from getting distracted.
  2. My sister is getting VERY restless because her exams haven’t gotten over.
  3. I can no longer lock myself in my room and pretend to study. That means ZERO privacy because I share my room with my sister. Before, I could just lock everyone out and have my own little space and no one would question me because finals.
  4. I have completely forgotten to eat???? Because it’s not so boring anymore????

So, about the birthday party. It’s her 18th birthday and is going to be a big one. I wasn’t really expecting this because after like 9th grade, we stopped having full-on-invitation-and-food-and-lots-of-people types of parties. It’s always just mostly two to three of us going for a movie and something small. Low budget.

But this time I am kind of looking forward to this because :

  1. THE FOOD.
  2. It’s an excuse to dress up.
  3. I kind of like meeting new people.

Oh and also, my relatives are coming over in May. I have to mentally prepare myself for all the drama.

OH AND GUESS WHAT . I got bangs. Or fringes. Whatever. I cut them myself ahaha. They look pretty good. They kind of make me look intimidating and like a total bitch, but they still look really cool. I feel like I could use some of those vibes.I had done so much research over the year that I knew every cut and every style and everything there is to know about full-on-front-bangs.

My dad was talking about how when I was small, I so fearless that I used to dive into the 9ft end of the swimming pool all by myself without even thinking about drowning. I feel like this tells a lot about me. I still am that little girl who would dare to do anything, fearlessly. Maybe because I trust myself enough and I know that I will make it. I would jump off a tree, off walls, off slides and fences and anything that could be jumped off from, really. I loved stuff like that. Climbing and jumping around and all. I still do. I like the little me. A lot. Even though I was kind of subdued and overshadowed by other more confident, outgoing kids, I was one HECK of a kid.

I guess that’s all for today. I painted my nails a dark nude-ish colour to match my skin tone. It’s my most favourite one I love it so much omg.

So that’s all for today.

Thank you, and have a nice day. J

(haha, I guess some habits never change ;))


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