Day 1


So i was trying to order Lilly Singh’s new book and there was no COD option on amazon. First of all, WHY. Not everyone is a grown ass person with a card. So i asked my mum for hers and she didn’t even ask me what i needed it for. i filled in the details and everything and after all that effort, the card got declined. WTF.

So much of a start to the first day of summer vacation.

I was already pissed because the temperature was high enough to melt my brain off so i just cancelled that order and ordered another book . i mean no disrespect to lilly though. I absOLUTELY LOVE HER.I’ll just order it another day i guess.

Current state:

  1. Drinking cold lassi
  2. Why is the fan not switched on
  3. Confusion
  4. My laptop screen is broken and only like ¾ of it is actually visible so idk

My board exams just got over and im not exactly what you would call “EXCITED” (in capitals, yes).All of my other friends are Biology or Commerce students so they are at home studying and i don’t have anyone to hangout with. Oh,lets talk college. HAHAHAHAHAH lets not please because in addition to almost tearing apart my final year of highschool, i have no idea what to do. According to my parents i am a complete screw up and that i should’ve done the things i was “supposed to do”. Supposed to do engineering, supposed to attend a coaching class, supposed to do well there AND do well at school like they had expected me to do at the end of 10th grade. The surprising part is that i did all of that.

For some time, at least.


I am going to write here everyday. Its like keeping a diary, a diary that everyone can read. I am doing this because i would have loved to read something like this, life from the perspective of another confused, frustrated, teenager just  like me. Oh im 17 by the way. Just thought you should know lol. Whoever “you” are.

I guess thats all for today.

Time: 11:34 am

Day: Tuesday, March 28th,2017

Just so that i seem organised or whatever^

Ok so bye.

wait for another entry tomorrow!

*gives a flying kiss*

*waves bye*

*turns around*



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