Last diary entry.

You guys will not believe this. I finally took off my chipped nail polish woohoo. It has been an embarrassingly long time since my last post. Ugh. An update: Zumba classes are still going on but I will probably stop going from next month and go to sketching classes instead.   Summer still sucks. I... Continue Reading →


Day 18

I feel like a spectator. Just standing here and watching things happen. Among all these other people, feeling kind of lost and not being able to be a part of whatever is going on. Don’t know if that’s good or bad. Anyway. I haven’t written here in six days. I am so good at this wow.... Continue Reading →

Day 12

My mum and sister are watching Master Chef right now and I FREAKING LOVE GORDON RAMSAY. He does come across as inane sometimes, but he’s amazing at what he does so it’s okay. Most of the time, super cool people like him are a little bit off. For example, Casey Niestat. He is most of the... Continue Reading →

Day 11

My nail polish is so chipped. See the thing about living a better life is to start now. Telling yourself stuff like ‘oh yea one day i am going to be eating healthy and working out every single day and have my love life on point and work really hard’ is NOT GOING TO WORK.... Continue Reading →

Day 7,8

I don’t really know what to write about without giving out confidential information. Ok lets talk about hair. Cons of having bangs: Hair in your face Needs trimming regularly. Needs straightening. Hair in your face. Needs more attention than a 2 year old. Hair in your face. Did i mention hair in your face? Pros... Continue Reading →

Day 3,4,5,6

okayyyy so. I dont really remember what day it is right now( i’ll just count it later and put it in the title.) but it is definitely not day 3. Okay. A list of things that happened in the last couple of days: the party i was talking about? ohmygosh that was great. The place... Continue Reading →

Day 2

Time: 10:35 pm So tomorrow I am going to a friend’s birthday party and i am so excitedddd. It’s in some fancy restaurant thing and I don’t really know where. Today I went to the mall to get her gift. Alone. It was so cool loll. Okay yes I know that did sound lame but... Continue Reading →

Day 1

Ohmygod. So i was trying to order Lilly Singh’s new book and there was no COD option on amazon. First of all, WHY. Not everyone is a grown ass person with a card. So i asked my mum for hers and she didn’t even ask me what i needed it for. i filled in the... Continue Reading →

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